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Transition Assistance Program (TAP) ® Transition Assistance Program (TAP) ® supports the US Department & Defense’s (DoD’s) Transition Assistance Program (TAP). Their Team of Degreed, Highly Skilled & Professional Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) EXPERTS, Industry Partners (Pre-Qualified US Government Contractors & Universities) & Members assist 200,000+ Transitioning US Service Members (Our American HEROES) annually succeed at:


Business ® assists 250+ Government, Defense & Aid Industry Entrepreneurs, Businesses & Non-profits annually with the successful Launch, Growth and/or Jumpstart of their Organizations with a Success Rate of 90%+ after 2 years in business. Not an A+, but a respectable percentage.


Education ® provides access to 6,000+ Online Business & Technical Courses & Accredited Degree Programs (GI Bill Qualified) & other Onsite Mentoring/Training. We also provide Discounts for the Academic Tools (books, school supplies & electronics) necessary to complete each Veteran’s Education.



With the Support of our HRO/ASO/RPO Member EXPERTS, ® Clientele, Members, Large Prime Contractor Partners & Industry Colleagues,  we quickly & efficiently locate the Perfect Career for each Qualified TAP Member seeking Employment Support.

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Working together with our own Dedicated HRO/ASO Team of EXPERTS, Industry Colleagues & Partners, ® provides 100’s of our American Transitioning Service Members & Veterans (Our American HEROES) Volunteer Opportunities around the world!

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Transition Assistance Program (TAP) ® Partners with the
US Department of Defense’s (DOD’s)
Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
assisting 200K + Transitioning Service
Members & our HEROES annually:

Launch a Business Complete your
Degre Find the Perfect Career

We help our TAP Members find Opportunities Worldwide.

America’s Transition Assistance Programs

As Veteran, Diplomatic & US Military Security-Cleared SMEs & Government, Defense & Aid Contractors, the Ownership of ® are extremely proud to be part of DoD’s TAP Program & does not use their Veteran-Support and/or Status as a crutch to attract business as some Contractors have (bad apples), but exactly the opposite – our Team pours their Off-hours & resources into its Philanthropic works.


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