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Member Packages & Pricing

Our “Launch, Growth and/or Jumpstart” Products, Services & Pricing are Flexible, by the Hour, Contract or Subscription & we always provide Guaranteed Support Services.

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Member Packages & Pricing

From the (12) Major Clients above, ® has developed (30) Custom-Designed “User” Packages below. Hopefully, you’ll find a “Package” that best describes you & how you will use ® (or we’ll create one for you). Any Special Requests?

Lots of savings: All “Launch, Growth and/or Jumpstart” Services + Discounted/FREE Products & Business Services…

Association Representative ® provides the Association Representatives:

Business Development Officer ® provides Business Development Officers: Discounted & FREE Services

Buyer/Customer ® provides Buyers & its Customers: Discounted & FREE Services

Contracting Officer (KO) ® provides Contracting Officers (KOs) Discounted or FREE Services

Foreign Business Owner (Outside USA) ® provides Foreign Business Owners Discounted or FREE Services

Freelancer ® provides Freelancers Discounted or FREE Services

Government Employee ® provides Government Employees Discounted or FREE Services

Grant Providers & Philanthropists ® provides Grant Providers & Philanthropists Discounted or FREE Services

Human Resources Manager ® provides Human Resources Managers  Discounted or FREE Services

Industry Subject Matter Expert (SME) ® provides Industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) Discounted or FREE Services

Intern ® provides Interns  Discounted or FREE Services

Investor ® provides Investors  Discounted or FREE Services

Job Seeker ® provides Job Seekers  Discounted or FREE Services

Medium-Large Business ® provides Medium-Large Businesses Discounted or FREE Services

Mentor ® provides Mentors  Discounted or FREE Services

Non-Profit ® provides Non-profits  Discounted or FREE Services

Other ® provides Others  Discounted or FREE Services

Proposal Writer ® provides Proposal Writers  Discounted or FREE Services

Purchasing Officer ® provides Purchasing Officers  Discounted or FREE Services

Small Business Liaison Officer (SBLO) ® provides Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLOs)  Discounted or FREE Services

Special Staffing Recruiters ® provides Recruiters  Discounted or FREE Services

Subcontracting Officer ® provides Subcontracting Officers  Discounted or FREE Services

Transitioning Service Member ® provides Transitioning Service Members  Discounted or FREE Services

Trainer/Education Provider ® provides Trainer/Education Providers  Discounted or FREE Services

Travel and/or Life Support Managers ® provides Travel and/or Life Support Managers  Discounted or FREE Services

Veteran ® provides Veterans  Discounted or FREE Services

Volunteer ® provides Volunteers  Discounted or FREE Services

Wounded Warrior ® provides Wounded Warriors  Discounted or FREE Services

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