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Launch, Growth and/or Jumpstart Program

Welcome to’s ® “Launch, Growth and/or Jumpstart” Program ® will 1.) LAUNCH Methodically Guide your Start-up, Communicating to Planet Earth that you are Open for Business & your Products/Services are the Absolute Best 2.) GROWTH Continue adding Fuel to your already Successful Fire Spurring Continued Growth & Guiding your Team to a Stronger/Faster Trajectory or 3.) JUMPSTART Expertly Generate the Spark necessary to Re-motivate your Business or Non-profit Team Members past its Current Plateau by Re-Thinking its Current Position & then Developing/Executing New Branding, Management Styles, Customer Success, Products or Services that will Lead to Long-term Success. ® will help you Generate More Clients, Close More Sales & Increase your Overall Revenue & Profits – Quickly & Inexpensively – Guaranteed!

We have Collected all the Latest Tools & Technology in  One Place for each Member’s Success. ® Members get Honest Answers to Tough Questions & then receive “Step by Step” Coaching from their Start-Up through Exit Strategy! ® provides the Products, Services & Professional Support to take an Entrepreneur’s “Great Idea Market,” Successfully Selling their Product or Service to the Government, Defense & Aid Markets. Our “Launch, Growth and/or Jumpstart Program” consists of “Step by Step” Modules that takes each Member’s Business or Non-profit from “Start-up thru their Exit Strategy”  in the fastest, most effective & affordable manner. ® provides its Clientele everything necessary (including Bid Management) that each Member requires to do business with the US Government, their Large Prime Contractors, the UN, NATO, many Aid Agencies/NGOs & all Development Banks.

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Financing Available with 25% Down • Start Building your Small Business Credit Today!

We understand that as a Small Business money is tight and that is why we’ve added our Registration Services to our “Small Business Credit Building Program”. We also understand that because of either time constraints or the complexities of Government, Defense & Aid Registrations, your Business or Non-profit may require Support.

Also, since we understand that Start-ups or Small/Mid-size Businesses may require Multiple Registration Package to increase their Sales/Revenue, please choose (2) of the above and Save 10%. Choose (3) or more and Save 25%. For more than (3) Packages, please contact our Compliance Team and we’ll help Build a Package that Meets your Needs.

step 1

Step 1 • Government, Defense & Aid Contractor “Registration Services”

step 2

Step 2 • “Launch, Growth and/or Jumpstart” Products & Support Services

step 3

Step 3 • “Keeping Everything Growing & Running Smoothly!”