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GeoBizOps® leverage its core competencies with high levels of passion for support across B2B, B2C, B2G


GeoBizOps® believes in high standards, the quality is the key in operations that we provide across industries and business sectors


GeoBizOps® focuses on continuous delivery of supportive solutions that help to reach high levels of growth of diverse portfolios of clients

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“The World’s Largest Small Business Aggregator” providing Companies of all Sizes an Online Meeting & Marketplace to Launch & Grow their Organizations, Save Money on Everyday Purchases & Showcase their Products & Services to Buyers Worldwide.


A Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) & Team of Industry-Recognized & Highly Qualified Retired US Military & Diplomatic Government B2B/B2G Small Business & Procurement Contracting Experts that want to see all Small Business Concerns (SBCs) Succeed.


Team Members maintain relationships with most current Contracting & Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLOs) with the US Federal, State & Local Governments, as well as with most US Large Prime Contractors. Additionally, with our Partnering Program, you will immediately gain easy expansion options with our many Award-Winning Large Prime Contractors that are seeking Teaming Partners of all sizes for Projects in 130+ Countries. Finally, GeoBizOps.com ® maintains the same relationships with the UN, NATO, most Aid Agencies, and all Development Banks offering $3 Trillion+ of Business Opportunities annually.


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It is free with options to begin advertising portfolio of and services, selling to diverse organizations and to our other global members.

To help each Member grow even faster, GeoBizOps.com ® offers the Largest Database of Business Opportunities Daily (worldwide) with Easy to Use, Winning & Compliant Proposal Templates written by our Shipley Trained Proposal Writers allowing its Clients to Bid & Win More. It is FREE to Sign-up and will Jump Start your Business Development.

It has never been easier to Launch or Grow your Business. GeoBizOps.com provides all the assistance necessary for Registering, Partnering, Proposal Preparations, Award Guidelines, & much, much more… Again, its FREE to Sign-up, works with Organizations of all sizes contains an Industry Reference Library where you’ll find additional Business Intelligence to Grow your Company.

Our Clients | Our Strength

  • 200,000+ Transitioning US Service Members Annually
  • 30.2 Million Current Small Businesses in the US
  • 40% – Women-Owned
  • 19% – African Americans
  • 14% – Hispanics
  • 09% – Veterans
  • 08% – Asians
  • 06% – Others
  • 04% – Native Americans
  • 543,000 New Businesses that are Launched each Month
  • US Federal, State, County & Local Governments
  • Large Prime Contractors (Fortune 500, ENR 200 & Tech 100)
  • Small Businesses
  • Allied Governments
  • UN
  • NATO
  • US Foreign Assistance, Relief Organizations, NGOs & Aid AgenciesDevelopment Banks
  • B2B/B2G & B2C Industries
  • B2C (Active Duty Military, Diplomatic & Aid EXPERTS, Transitioning Service Members, Veterans, Wounded Warriors, former Government Employees/Contractors, First Responders & Their Families)
  • Philanthropic Organizations
  • General Public & Supporters of the Above


GeoBizOps.com ® looks forward to working with you & your Team!