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Education Opportunities’s ® Credit Building Program’s FundiT ® Credit Building Program Platform is designed to help our Client/Partners build Credit & obtain Capital through Lines of Credit & Loans. As a Bonus, via our Partner Program, we also offer our Proprietary Software Platform as a White Label Solution for
1.) B2B Companies to help get Capital for their Customers, 2.) Non-profits to provide Counseling & to drive Donations & 3.) other types of Organizations, including Governments & Educational Institutions to teach Funding Techniques to their Citizens or Students & then helping them launch their own Enterprise.’s FundiT ® Credit Building Program Platform offers three (3) Services:

  • Business, Non-profit & other types of Organization’s Credit Building Consultation
  • White Label Business, Non-profit & other types of Organization’s Credit Software
  • Credit Monitoring

Whatever your type of Organization, we can get the Credit you need. As a Bonus, use it to help your Customers.

Our Credit Building Platform is Simple, Affordable & most importantly – Fast… Apply Today!

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Business Credit Products & Services ® & its members provide generous DISCOUNTS on the following Business Credit Products & Services:

NAICS Code Business Credit Product or Service Descriptions
522210 Credit Card Issuing
522291 Credit Institutions
522292 Real Estate Credit Lending
522294 Federal Intermediate Credit Bank
522298 Short-term Inventory Credit Lending
522320 Credit Card Processing Services
524126 Credit & other Financial Responsibility Insurance Carriers, Direct
541990 Credit Counseling Services
561440 Debt Collection Services
561450 Commercial Credit Reporting Bureaus
812990 Credit Card Notification Services

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