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Press Release

Tampa, Florida US, Release: February 1, 2021 • “The World’s Largest Small Business Aggregator” releases new website supporting the Launch, Growth & Jumpstart of Small Businesses & provides larger, more established Members/Organizations, like ® the Opportunity to develop relationships with and provide discounts so the smaller businesses may afford to compete. ® has asked all Members, including Large Corporations to provide a minimum of a 10% Discount to other Members.

Many are giving as much as a 30%-50% Discount on their Products & Services. It has been an excellent response by Corporations, Associations & Government Decision-makers alike and we ask that more to join, it’s free and provide their Discounts & Small Business Support, especially during this COVID-19 Crisis, says Bobby Anderson, GM of ®.

About Us: ®, a USMC Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business provides Organizations of all Types & Sizes an Online Meeting & Marketplace to Launch, Grow and/or Jumpstart their Company or Non-Profit. Its Members support one another, including Large Corporations seeking Small Business Teaming/Partnering & Supplier relationships. ® Members also save Time & Money on Everyday Purchases while Showcasing their Products & Services to Buyers Globally.

Supporting our Troops: As part of the US Department of Defense’s (DoD’s) Transition Assistance Program (TAP), ® Supports 200,000 Transitioning Service Members annually by helping each open their own business, find their dream job, get their degree or volunteer.

Building Teaming/Partnering Relationships: ® Supports the TAP Program, 65+ Industries & Millions of other Small Business Concerns (SBCs) by building Teaming/Partnering Relationships between Public & Private Organizations of all sizes. ® also provides areas for Employment, Education, Freelancing and a Program called “HIRE a VET • HIRE a HERO” which allows Veteran-Owned Businesses to showcase their Products & Services to the Government, Defense & Aid Industries & Investors.

Membership is FREE: Membership on the new website is always FREE and ® invites Organizations of all sizes, TAP Members & Veterans, Small Businesses of all Types, Contracting Officers (KOs), Crowd Funding Seekers & Supporters, Foreign Business Owners, Government Buyers, Grant Seekers, Investors, Mentors, Purchasing Officers & Public & Private Small Business Liaison Officers (SBLOs) to join.

Boosting Member Sales & their SEO: ® helps their Members build their Brands & Skyrocket their SEO by once a Month (at no cost to its Members) evaluating each Member’s User Profile Reviews & Sales in each of its 65+ Categories and then developing a Press Release with these facts that is sent out to One Million+ of its Clients, Contacts & Colleagues (all Decision-makers), plus News Outlets & Associations around the world. ® is proud to provide this unique gift for its Members and to help further introduce their Products & Services worldwide, while boosting their Brand & SEO. ® Helps Companies Grow: ® helps their Veteran & other Small Business Members grow by promoting & providing them with Member Discounts on everyday purchases & access to “The World’s Largest & Most Affordable Solicitation Database”, Simple, Affordable and 100% Compliant Proposal Templates, Government Business Proposal Writing Services, the World’s Largest Database of Grants, Strategic Grant Writing Services, Bid Search Services, Public Procurement – Cooperative Purchasing, Partnering/Teaming Introduction Services & Consulting – Vendor Contract Negotiations.

Providing the Products & Services to the Government, Defense & Aid Industries: Finally, ® provides its Members access to Government Contracting and Sales to the US Federal, State & Local Governments, Allied Governments, US & Allied Large Prime Contractors, the UN, NATO and the Development Banks. Currently, the new website has businesses providing the following Products & Services:

  • AEC/EPC Management & Support Services
  • Aerial Photography
  • Background Checks/Pre-Security Clearance Investigations
  • Court Reporting/Transcription Services
  • Facilities Maintenance & Base Operations & Support Services (BOSS)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • GLOBAL Laboratory Testing Services
  • Life Support Services
  • Logistics, Express Shipping, Transportation & Warehousing
  • Mail Room, Copy Room, Document Control & Post Office Services
  • Real Estate Sales, Leasing, Appraisals, Permits & Inspections
  • Risk Management Services
  • Security & Private Investigation Services
  • Staffing & Recruiting – GLOBAL Manpower Provider – EOR Services
  • Translations/Interpretations ® invites New Members & Industry Experts alike to Join for Free & enjoy its Resources and share in its Product & Service Sales, Educational & Employment Opportunities, Freelancer, Expert & Veteran Opportunities and Business News, Events, and the Building of New Relationships in the 65+ Industries it currently Supports.