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Hand-Selected (Winning) Solicitation Services

“We manage your Solicitation/Tender Workload effectively to produce outstanding Results & ROI”

Win More with our “Hand-Selected Solicitations/Tenders” for your Team… As part of’s ® Award-winning Advantage ® Bid Management System our Team of “Bid Management” EXPERTS, working with our Proprietary “The World’s Largest & Most Affordable Solicitation Database”, coordinate with your Team to personally Hand-select Opportunities that match your Products, Services & other Parameters Perfectly. Your Team will receive a “Daily Bid Management Report” outlining the Government, Defense & Aid Bid Opportunities that meet:

  • The Geographical Regions in which you operate.
  • Your Size Requirements.
  • Your Products/Services & Industry/Markets.
  • Your Ideal Contract Size for Bonding & Insurance requirements.
  • Your optimum length of Contract.
  • And much, much More…

Imagine opening your laptop each morning to review your Spreadsheet of “Perfect Project Opportunities” without the time & expense normally required. You’ll be able to focus on the Opportunities that are right for your Team and avoid the painful searching. You’ll “Bid More/Win More” without the effort.

For only $299/mo. our Solicitation/Tender Experts will do all the work for you. Never overlook the PERFECT Opportunity again & bypass the headache of searching thru 1,000s of Opportunities – it doesn’t matter if you are a Business Development Manager or the Owner of a Company (or Both) – Save your time & money Sign-up Today & we’ll get you started immediately.

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