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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

Banking Products & Services

Banking Product or Service Descriptions ® & its members provide generous DISCOUNTS on the following Banking Products & Services:

NAICS Code Banking Product or Service Descriptions
521110 Banking, Central
522120 Banks, Savings
522190 Banks, Industrial, Depository
522210 Banks, Credit Card
522292 Mortgage Banking (i.e., Non-depository Mortgage Lending)
522293 Export-Import Banks
522294 Federal Intermediate Credit Bank
522298 Banks, Industrial, Non-depository
522320 Automated Clearinghouses, Bank or Check (except Central Bank)
523110 Banking, Investment
523991 Bank Trust Offices
524113 Savings Bank Life Insurance Carriers, Direct
524128 Bank Deposit Insurance Carriers, Direct
525920 Bankruptcy Estates
531120 Bank Building Rental or Leasing
551111 Bank Holding Companies (except Managing)
551112 Holding Companies (except Bank, Managing)
813910 Bankers’ Associations
926150 Banking Regulatory Agencies
928120 World Bank

Financial Product or Service Descriptions

NAICS Code Financial Product or Service Descriptions
522220 Motorized Vehicle Finance Leasing Companies
522291 Finance Companies (i.e., Unsecured Loans)
523140 Financial Futures Brokerages
523910 Individuals Investing in Financial Contracts on Own Account
523930 Certified Financial Planners, Customized, Fees Paid by Client
524126 Credit & other Financial Responsibility Insurance Carriers, Direct
525990 Special Purpose Financial Vehicles
541611 Financial Management Consulting (except Investment Advice) Services ® & Member Banking Products & Services

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Receivable Financing

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