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Advantage Bid Management System ®

We help our Client/Partners Bid More/Win More (for less) through our Award-winning Proprietary AI Technology & Industry Expertise… Join Us Today! ® provides “Expert Bid Management Services” to all types/sizes of Businesses, Non-profits & Public/Private Organizations encompassing 60+ Industries & 130+ Countries. Additionally, ® is Client/Partner-focused & they aren’t just a number to us & each receives Detailed, Custom-Designed Programs to keep their Organizations thriving.

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The Award-winning “Advantage Bid Management System ®” provides “(24) Contract Award focused Modules” to keep any type/size Organization healthy & flourishing.’s ® system is extremely flexible, allowing each Client/Partner to apply one or more modules to meet their individual goals. Additionally, as with all ® Products & Services, there are never hidden fees & each module is “Guaranteed”.

“Advantage ® Bid Management Solutions provide professional,fast & affordable Bid Management Tools to keep your Business Growing!”

Investing into your Organization’s Future…

The Award-winning’s ® Advantage ® Bid Management System uses Proprietary Technologies to deliver millions of “FOCUSED SOLICITATION (TENDER/RFP) ALERTS” each day at affordable pricing with “GLOBAL COVERAGE.” No matter your industry or location, the Advantage ® Bid Management System provides the Solicitations (RFPs/Tenders) & other Bid Management/Proposals Process Tools to keep your Organization growing. Additionally, 5,000+ New Solicitation are added daily & all Bid Management Modules are 100% “Guaranteed!”

“(24) Time & Money Saving Benifits for Joining Our Advantage ® Bid Management System…”

“’s ® Advantage ® Bid Management System will help you Bid & Win More! Register for a “(7) Day FREE Trial” for the World’s Largest & most affordable Solicitation (RFP/Tender) Database!”

“The Ultimate Bid Management solution”’s ® Advantage ® Bid Management System is an Award-winning, Turnkey Module-based Solution, that allows our Customers to generate more “Winning Proposals” in half the time. It is an “All-in-One Platform” providing our Client/Partners, no matter their location, everything they need to successfully Bid More/Win More or the option to outsource their entire Bid Management Program requirements to the Experts at’s ®. In-house or Outsource, either way, you will increase your overall Revenue & Profit, “Guaranteed!”

1 Accurate, Fast & Affordable Cost Engineering/Estimating Services
2 Affordable Bid Management Outsourcing Services (consider Advantage ® a part of your Team)
3 FundiT ®: Business & Non-profit Banking, Finance, Accounting & Tax & & Insurance) Outsourcing Services
4 Client Procurement Forecasts, Historical Bid Research & Business Intelligence Outsourcing
5 Custom-Designed & Project Specific, Compliant, Fast, Fill-in-the-Blank & “Winning” Proposal Templates
6 Discount Bid Management Marketplace (everything you need to learn, design & submit your “Winning” Proposals)
7 Expert Business Development Outsourcing (Inside/Outside Sales, Marketing & Digital Marketing) Services
8 Expert Legal Support (Contracts, Agreements, NDAs, etc.)
9 Expert Government, Defense & Aid Value Engineering Services
10 Expert Mentoring (Bid Management Guidance • Bid More/Win More)
11 Expert Request for Proposal (RFP) Development Services
12 Fast & Affordable Government, Defense & Aid Registrations & Introductory Services
13 Fast & Affordable Proposal Compliance & Quality Review
14 Government, Defense & Aid Solicitation or Grant Matchmaking Services
15 Grant Bid Management (Writing, Funding & Non-Profit Launch & Growth Services)
16 Graphics, Print Media & Digital Marketing Services
17 Hand-Selected “Winning” Solicitations Delivered Daily to your Mailbox
18 LEED Design/SMART Build Pre-Construction Services
19 Logistics (Transportation & Procurement Outsourcing) Bid Management Consulting Services
20 Professional Proposal Writing Services (consider Advantage ® your in-house Proposal’s Team)
21 Risk Management Services (Insurance, Safety, Compliance, Technology, etc.)
22 Scheduling/Planning Services (Most Software Platforms, Level 1-5, DoD Facilities Clearance)
23 Security-Cleared, SME & other Premium Talent • HR Outsourcing (HRO)/Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
24 World’s Largest Solicitation (RFP/RFQ/Tender) Database (All 195 Countries • 5K+ New Opportunities added Daily)

Now ask yourself? Does your current Bid Management Provider Offer the same professional,fast & affordable features that keep your Business growing?

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