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The “World’s Largest Small Business Aggregator” providing Organizations of all types & sizes an Online Meeting & Marketplace to "Launch, Grow and/or Jumpstart their Businesses or Non-Profits." Our Members also save time & money on everyday purchases while “Showcasing their Products & Services to Buyers representing 60+ Industries & all 195 Countries.”

Delivering The World’s Largest Small Business Aggregator®

Deliivering the “World’s Largest Small Business Aggregator” providing Businesses & Non-profits of all types & sizes an Online Meeting & Marketplace to Launch, Grow and/or Jumpstart their Businesses or Non-Profits , Save money on everyday purchases & showcasing their Products & Services to Government, Defense, and Aid Buyers GLOBALLY.

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Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

US Executive ® Partners with the US Department of Defense’s (DOD’s) Transition Assistance Program (TAP) assisting 200K+ Transitioning Service Members & our HEROES annually:

Launch a Small Business or Non-profit.
Complete a College, University or Tech Degree Program.
Find the Perfect Job or Freelance/Contract with our Team.
Volunteer for Opportunities Globally.

We help our TAP Members find Opportunities Worldwide.

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